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General Labor Warehouse


POSITION: Warehouse & Warehouse Manager
JOB TYPE: Full-time
DESCRIPTION: Experience: This position requires the ability to operate the necessary equipment to perform the job. Organizational Skills: An organized filing system must be in placed to handle work volume, along with the ability to maintain several tasks simultaneously to meet required deadlines. Communication/Teamwork Skills: The individual must posses excellent oral and written communication skills and have the ability to be manage team projects in a positive and face pace work environment with limited supervision. Retention Skills: The individual must have the ability to concentrate on the assigned tasks and input information accurately with emphasizes on attention to detail.

SKILLS/EXPERIENCE: Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Always operate TSCO equipment in a safe/careful manner. 2. Always handle TSCO material in a safe/careful manner. 3. Sweep and clean warehouse / yard areas. 4. Unload trucks and trailers. 5. Organize all warehouse products so they can be pulled in easy and accurate manner. 6. Communicate all low quantities and shortages to inventory control person. 7. Put away and receive all products in the warehouse. 8. Have an understanding of company policies. If you have any doubts, read the policy manual in the manager’s office. 9. Participate in the preparation and working of physical inventories. 10. Work overtime when needed with your supervisor’s approval. 11. Attend branch meetings and company structured meetings. 12. Always keep your work area orderly and clean. 13. Maintain and order any special packaging products you may need. Notify your supervisor of any broken or damaged material with the customer. “Service is all we have to offer.” 20. Notify your supervisor of any broken or damaged material. 21. Employees are required to wear necessary safety equipment. 22. Promote and display teamwork.
SPECIAL NOTE: Physical Requirements: This position may require lifting and carrying up to 50 lbs