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QC Supervisor

Direct Hire

USDA manufacturing experience is desired. Fresh food production including produce, meats and sauces. Must be HACCP certified.

Job Title: QC Supervisor
Position Reports to: Food Safety & Quality Supervisor
Backup Person: (Exempt) QA/QC Supervisor
FLSA Status: Non-Exempt


Section 2: Summary

The QC Supervisor will work under the direction of the QA/QC manager to assist in developing and overseeing all food safety regulations, policies, and procedures.  The successful candidate will help to develop, implement and enforce security and food safety standards, policies, and programs including HACCP, PCQI, SQF, BRC, ORGANIC, and GFSI, regulatory audits, food safety training programs, standard operating procedures (SOP’s), product inspections, and standardized work instructions.  The primary role of the QC Supervisor is to be ultimately responsible for the food safety of the finished products manufactured in the facility. The food safety aspect is driven by HACCP risk management guidelines. The food quality aspect is governed by mutually agreed upon customer specifications.  Ability to assist overseeing the development, implementation, review and maintenance of the SQF System, including food safety fundamentals outlined in 2.4.2, and the food safety plan outlined in 2.4.3.

Section 3: Principal Duties and Required Skills

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Take appropriate action to ensure the integrity of the SQF System; and communicate to relevant personnel all information essential to ensure the effective implementation of the SQF System.
  • Assist in implementing and or updating policies and procedures to meet the customers and regulatory requirements.
  • Ability to be part of developing and managing the food safety plan (HACCP)
  • Able to assist in leading HACCP and Food Safety Teams.
  • Ability to help developing and providing training to GSF’s employees for food safety requirements.
  • Familiar in document control and help in developing and maintaining documentation such as SOP’s, as well as maintenance of manuals, policies and procedures as relate to any food safety and quality concerns.
  • Be able to conduct facility internal audits.
  • Monitor and verify activities to ensure that all products coming in and out of the facility meet food safety standards in addition.
  • Assist in updating the existing food safety procedures and documentation to keep up with changing requirements.
  • Work closely with QA Manager, Operations Manager and/or General Manager on any food safety issue.
  • Daily maintenance of review of the Food Safety Program within the facility
  • Be flexible with the work schedule.
  • Manages the responsibilities of QA/QC Technicians and assists as needed:
  • QA Walk Through Audit
  • Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure
  • Food Storage Temperature Control
  • Hold/Release process
  • Kitchen Form Viscosity, pH, salinity and taste
  • Cooking/Cooling
  • Testing Sanitizer, F-29 QUAT, PAA Vegetable sanitizer
  • HACCP Pre-Shipment USDA/FDA
  • Allergen Clean Verification
  • ATP Swabbing
  • First-off Production Evaluation
  • Review Batch Data Collection
  • Review CCP Documentation
  • Tooling Verification
  • Visual Product Inspection (Step-by-step)
  • Receiving Log
  • Shipping Documentation
  • Trailer Inspection
  • Monitors plant personnel to ensure conformance with GMP's. Informs the department Manager/Supervisor if non-compliance is not corrected immediately.
  • Monitor the following tasks to ensure accuracy and compliance with USDA/FDA regulations, customers, and company’s standards.
  1. Lot code and date of manufacture control
  2. Final release of product to the warehouse
  3. Final release of the trucks for shipment
  4. Cooler and assembly temperature control
  5. Condensation checks
  6. Calibration of the scales and thermometers
  7. Raw material compliance to our quality specifications
  8. Basic Data Entry
  9. Batch Collection
  10. Pre-op/Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure
  11. Operational Batch Temperature
  12. Receiving Verification
  13. Calibration of scales and thermometers
  14. Testing Sanitizer, F-29 QUAT, PAA Vegetable sanitizer
  15. Production Tool Verification
  16. Metal Detector Checks
  17. Component weights
  18. Mixing, Yields
  19. Lab Sample Preparation
  20. Library Sample
  21. Portioning Weight control
  22. Finished Products Weights
  23. Packaging Label Control
  24. Packaging seal Verification
  25. CCP Documentation
  • Ability to identify and address issues and keep manager apprised of all issues that prevent any task from being completed
  • Ensures that all work activities are performed with attention to the highest standards for quality, safety and compliance with all appropriate legal and food safety requirements and a focus on continuous improvement.
  • Follows all company policies & procedures as well as the GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) and maintains training to ensure compliance.
  • Maintains a high level of safety awareness for an accident-free work place.
  • Reports any unsafe or hazardous work conditions or safety-related issues to Management.
  • Train and coach your team for maximum efficiency, safety, quality, happiness, and professional growth
  • Proactively investigates, notify, and assist in resolving problems resulting from quality and safety defects or issues.
  • Escalates quality issues to functional leadership as appropriate.
  • Report food safety problems to personnel with authority to initiate action.
  • All above responsibilities need have daily controls in place with documentation, follow up and trend analysis.
  • Must responsible and follow the company’s food safety programs, FDA, and USDA regulations.
  • Notifies management about actual or potential to food safety issues.
  • Follows the company’s requirements for continuing to maintain the SQF Certification.
  • Follows all company policies & procedures as well as the GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) and maintains training to ensure compliance.
  • Report food safety problems to personnel with authority to initiate action.
  • Maintains food safety by ensuring clean, sanitary and safe work environment, complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.

Supervisory Responsibilities: Yes

  • Ability to lead guide and assist employees to reach scheduling and quality targets in a timely manner.
  • Ability to manage performance issues to meet expectations.
  • Ability to solve problems to maintain efficiencies to meet demand.
  • Ability to document downtime reasons and corrective actions.

Language Skills: Intermediate Skills
Ability to communicate the needs and objectives to line managers and key personnel in procurement, development/manufacturing, logistics and distribution.  Ensure the team understand the timing required and individual input necessary to make the process run smoothing.  Effectively communicate expectation which prevent costly delays.  Ability to write routine reports and correspondence.  Ability to speak effectively before groups of customers and employees of the organization.

Mathematical Skills: Intermediate Skills
Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, proportions, and percentages.  Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situations.  Ability to understand and calculate the scheduling and lead time process to meet productivity goals.
Reasoning Ability: High Skills

Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.  Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in writing, oral, diagram, or schedule form.   
Computer Skills: Intermediate Skills

Ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, SAP and Payroll System.
Equipment Skills: N/A

Section 4: Education/Experience Requirements
  • A vision for best-of-breed food safety and quality management, and the drive and leadership skills to achieve them with our employees
  • High School Diploma and minimum of 3 years of experience in systems including NSF, BRC and or SQF experience
  • Minimum of 5 years of food safety experience, with demonstrated ability leading organizational change efforts to improve organizational efficiency
  • HACCP Certified
Section 5: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • A superior attention to detail, process improvement, and data driven decision making
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities at one time
  • Problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Tact, diplomacy, a sense of humor, and professionalism
  • Effective oral and written communication skills