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Industrial Maintenance Technician

Direct Hire

Large Manufacturing plant in Hazleton PA is looking for a strong electrical mechanical technician who is 50/50 with electrical and mechanical troubleshooting. Looking for someone who is sharp with dealing with multiple machines.

Need to be able to troubleshoot PLCs, Must have experience with Multimeters, wiring up motors, working with hydraulics, pneumatics, etc.

Shift is 6pm-6am

Pay: $28-$38 with a $2 shift differential

PTO is accrued

Benefits kick in 1st of the month after 30 days



Promotes health, safety and environmental regulations by ensuring that
standards, policies, and procedures are adhered to in compliance with
corporate, federal, state, and local requirements.
? Promotes the quality system through adhering to the elements of and being
familiar with the philosophy, quality statement, quality manual, and
? Experience is desired in the following:
o Industrial Maintenance
o Basic Electrical
o Mechanical
o Pneumatics
o Hydraulic Equipment
? Troubleshoots and repairs equipment including basic electrical issues such
as resetting breakers, replacing fuses, replacing motors and sensors.
? Have basic working knowledge of industrial computerized controls, variable
speed drives, level sensors, limit switches, pressure switches, proximity
sensors, photo-electric sensors, and IEC style contractors and starters.
? Metal fabrication and/or welding is preferred.
? Safe and effective rigging.
? Coordinates operations with production, shipping, and other departments
are required.
? Follows all safety and PPE requirements, policies, and procedures using
the LMS training system.
? Performs weekly lubrication of plant processes and ancillary equipment.
? Performs the weekly vat PM and complete required paperwork.
? Disassembles and reassembles an asphalt pump and replaces packing in
pumps and valves.
? Splices and repairs conveyor belts.
? Replaces and aligns motors, gearboxes, belts, chains, sprockets and
? Works unassisted as the on-duty line maintenance operator; responding to
all line calls and complete the daily maintenance call log.
? Researches and sources materials and parts.
? Indentifies and utilizes established resources.
? Performs other duties as required.


Demonstrates creativity in generating innovative ideas and creating original
concepts; consistently find original solutions to a given problem.
? Ability to reach decisions, take a thoughtful approach when considering
options and seek input from others to make difficult decisions.
? Exhibits dependability by working independently, taking ownership and
accountability for meeting timelines, goals and objectives through efficient workload management.
? Knows the workplace inspection methods and can recognize a dangerous
situation and provide or recommend the appropriate correctives and follow
up on it.
? Shows mathematical skills, which may include the following applications:
o Producing statistics
o Data extraction
o Indentifying trends
o Able to calculate numbers and amounts such as percentages,
circumferences and volumes
o Able to apply basic algebra and geometry concepts
o Understands various Statistical Process Controls (SPS) tools and
can use them for analysis
? Has proficient knowledge of mechanical processes and be able to perform
relevant calculations and analyses to assist in operation, sizing and
troubleshooting of processes and process equipment.
? Ability to develop strong, trusting relationships with internal/external
customers toward achieving Department/Customer goals. Proactively
supports an atmosphere of teamwork by collaboratively meeting team
goals/objectives while respectfully appreciating other team members’
? Maintains current understanding of technical processes/equipment, uses
technology to increase performance/productivity.
? Be a self-starter and work independently.
? Uses logic and reason in dealing with problems.
? Adjusts to changing variables in the workplace.
? Engages others in constructive debate to explore alternative actions.
? Reaches agreements with others while maintaining perspective regarding
longer term relationships.
? Communicates effectively and concisely in oral and written messages.
? Ability to be persistent when accomplishing a task or assignment.
? Works harmoniously and with tact and diplomacy in dealing with a broad
range of people.
? Effectively plans and organizes work to get efficient and effective results.
? Ability to accept the responsibilities and obligations of the job and the
consequences of one’s actions.
? Ability to be flexible and manage many assignments or projects at the
same time.


Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook preferred.


High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.
? Requires a minimum of 1 year previous experience in a related capacity or
vocational school/ other industrial training program may suffice for the
aforementioned experience.