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Maintenance Electrician

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“Maintenance Electrician
nElectrician – Third Shift – Food Manufacturing Facility
nMaintenance Electrician on Third Shift.  The Maintenance Electrician is an employee who performs routine, general electrical and maintenance assignments on production equipment; needs direction and supervision.
nThe Maintenance Electrician is responsible for the safe maintenance, service and repair of the machinery and equipment located in the Plant. That responsibility will take the form of specific duties to be performed regularly at specific times, and other duties that may be assigned from time to time. The Maintenance Electrician is responsible for recording activities and observations with regard to the condition of the machinery and equipment in the appropriate record keeper. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Maintenance Electrician to assist the Operator in the performance of his/her job when there are equipment issues.
nThis position, by ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures and regulatory codes and standards, is responsible for recommending, implementing and managing safety, quality and food safety on all product lines.
nScope of Responsibilities:
nThe following list of duties is not all inclusive and is meant to serve as a guide for the scope of work to be carried out by the Maintenance Electrician
n•    Troubleshoot complex control systems consisting of PLCs, VFDs, servos, HMIs, instrumentation devices and communication networks.
n•    Diagnose source(s) of trouble in operating equipment, and perform proper repair/replacement procedures.
n•    Properly perform LOTO procedures in isolating and de-energizing equipment and systems that are to be worked on, identify and eliminate or report unsafe conditions in the Plant, and perform all tasks in a safety conscious manner.
n•    Assist Operator in the operation of equipment when problems arise.
n•    Upgrade skills and knowledge of Plant systems, equipment, and components as directed or required.
n•    Electrical aptitude and skill set as evaluated by the Maintenance Manager
n Education and Work Experience: 
n•    A minimum of a High School Diploma or GED
n•    At least 2 years of experience as a Maintenance Electrician
n•    area
n•    Works through complexity to get at the root of problems
n•    Projects how potential ideas will impact key stakeholders
n•    Thinks through their immediate actions in relation to achievement of the business plan.
n Working Conditions: 
n•    Union Environment – Closed Shop
n•    Climbing (Ladder, Stairs, etc.)
n•    Balancing (own body)
n•    Stooping (bending from waist)
n•    Kneeling (one or both knees)
n•    Crouching (bending at knees)
n•    Crawling
n•    Lying down (on back, stomach, or side)
n•    Reaching (extending arm from shoulder, w/ or w/out bent elbow
n•    Handling (using whole hand)
n•    Lifting, seated
n•    Fingering (Fingers Only)
n•    Feeling (Texture, temperature, etc.)
n•    Kicking or pressing with foot or feet
n•    Work in confined spaces (side to side)
n•    Work or movement in areas with low clearance
n•    Work in high places (ladders, roofs, etc.)
n•    Uneven floor or ground surface
n•    Work near opening in floor or ground
n•    Near Acuity (clarity of vision at 20 inches or less)
n•    Cool to Warm manufacturing environment
nOur manufacturing plant maintains a Drug Free Workplace Policy, and therefore will require a drug test of any applicant that has received a conditional offer of employment.
n “