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QC Supervisor

Direct Hire

1st shift  65k – 80k
nQuality Control Supervisor

nThe Quality Control Manager position develops, implements and manages quality control training programs designed to ensure continuous production and high levels of quality (consistent with established standards, customer specifications, and production goals).  This position will work closely with the management team to improve the profitability of the plant and will manage and control the parameters and set-up of all optimized equipment.


  • Always maintain the highest standards with respect to safety, leading by example and ensuring employees follow all policies, procedures, practices, and regulations.nt
  • Establish and maintain quality and production standards and ensures products meet quality and efficiency standards set by the company.  nt
  • Perform quality checks of material being produced; if sub-standard product is detected, take immediate corrective action to eliminate any causes of sub-standard product.  nt
  • Supervise all aspects of the quality control program at the facility.  Analyzes potential production problems (delays, material shortages, equipment repairs, etc.) and devises and implements procedures to minimize lost time due to these occurrences.nt
  • Create, document and implement inspection criteria and procedures. Supervise workers engaged in inspection and testing activities to ensure high productivity and high technical integrity.nt
  • Oversee results of daily QC audit and surveys.nt
  • Interface with inspectors from local grading agencies when they are on site.nt
  • Identify opportunities to improve lumber and grade recoveries.nt
  • Work closely with production and maintenance staff in resolving quality issues.n

nRequired Skillsnn


  • Bachelor's Degree in a related field preferred. Four plus years quality control experience in a manufacturing environment and at least two years’ experience in a leadership position.  nt
  • Knowledge of manufacturing equipment, procedures, and production/quality standardsnt
  • Demonstrate ability to work with multiple departments to ensure on-time production & delivery of quality product.nt
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to interact with and motivate a diverse group of employees.nt
  • Advanced ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of personnel and production problems.  Strong troubleshooting, analytical, and problem-solving skills.nt
  • Experience in optimization technology.  Must be able to read a tape measure.  nt
  • Detailed practical knowledge of lumber grading rules and practices.nt
  • Commitment to high Safety and Environmental Standards.  n

nEnvironmental Conditions:nn


  • Must be able to tolerate extreme hot, humid, cold, and outdoor conditions. Comfortable working in loud environment, around moving machinery, with vibrations and airborne particles (sawdust).n