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PLC Electrician

Direct Hire

nThe Controls Tech is responsible for programming, repairing and maintaining programmable logic controller (PLC) systems used within our facilities. The Controls Tech inspects equipment for proper functioning and performs preventative maintenance duties per manufacturer's specifications. The Controls Tech diagnoses equipment malfunctions and makes complicated repairs or adjustments as needed. This individual will support the team in the troubleshooting, repair and installation of advanced production/manufacturing equipment.
n• Participate in the more difficult installation, alteration, repair and maintenance of industrial electrical systems, motors, generators, fixtures, appliances and mechanical equipment.
n• Maintain and alter electrical systems.
n• Locate and correct power failures and motor troubles.
n• Perform preventative maintenance on PLC systems.
n• Program or perform repairs on PLC systems.
n• Perform preventative maintenance or repairs on more advanced production equipment as needed .
n• Perform breakdown analysis.
n• Oversee or perform general housekeeping.
n• Upgrade production lines with new/upgraded equipment/technology.
n• Change line for package changeovers.
n• Modify, maintain, or repair electronics equipment or systems to ensure proper functioning.
n• Replace defective components or parts, using hand tools and precision instruments.
n• Setup and operate specialized or standard test equipment to diagnose, test, or analyze the performance of electronic components, assemblies or systems.
n• Read blueprints, wiring diagrams, schematic drawings, or engineering instructions for assembling electronics units, applying knowledge of electronic theory and components.
n• Identify and resolve equipment malfunctions, working with manufacturers or field representatives as necessary to procure replacement parts.
n• Assemble electrical systems or prototypes, using hand tools or measuring instruments.
n• Assemble, test, or maintain circuitry or electronic components, according to engineering instructions, technical manuals, or knowledge of electronics, using hand or power tools.
n• Maintain system logs or manuals to document testing or operation of equipment.
n• Integrate software or hardware components, using computer, microprocessor or control architecture.
n• Research equipment or component needs, sources, competitive prices, delivery times, or ongoing operational costs.
n• Provide user applications or engineering support or recommendations for new or existing equipment installations, upgrades or enhancements.
n• Install or maintain electrical control systems, industrial automation systems, or electrical equipment, including control circuits, variable speed drives or programmable logic controllers.
n• Interpret test information to resolve design-related problems.
n• Testing and troubleshooting issues with the system to identify the cause of the problem.
n• Adjusting the programming language used in the system based on the needs of the project.
n• Coordinating with other technicians to troubleshoot malfunctions in complex industrial systems.
n• Analyzing data provided by sensors to provide feedback to other applications or equipment • Enforce GMP, safety and audit standards.
n• Other duties as assigned by management.
n• Experience with CMMS (SAP) Systems. • Experience with basic electrical systems (e.g., starters, fuses, contacts, relays).
n• Experience with electrical systems (e.g., 3 phase, 480V, 120V and 24V Controls).
n• Experience with electronics (e.g., level probes, flow meters, drives/VFDs, etc.).
n• Experience with schematics (e.g., electrical blueprints with switches, starters, maps, relays).
n• Experience with troubleshooting (e.g., diagnostics, problem solving, etc.).
n• 2-year technical degree (AS) preferred or 2 years of equivalent technical work experience in a high-speed manufacturing environment.
n• PLC Experience; preferably with Allen Bradley.
n• Experience in industrial maintenance, PLC logic modification and troubleshooting.
n• Proficiency with Microsoft Office products.
n• Able to work up to 50% overtime including weekends, holidays and shutdown periods.


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