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Mehcanical/Industrial Engineer

Direct Hire

Job Description: Mechanica/Industrial Engineer
nThe Industrial Engineer’s responsibilities include analyzing operations, designing workflows and  production processes, reducing inefficiency and ensuring that final predictions meet the established quality standards
n• Reviewing production schedules, processes, specifications, and related information.
n• Designing production processes that maximize efficiency and reduce waste.
n• Developing and implementing process improvements and technological upgrades.
n• Designing control systems to minimize costs and production issues.
n• Developing design and production standards in cooperation with management and user personnel.
n• Preparing material and equipment lists, purchase orders, cost analyses, and estimated production costs.
n• Designing the layout of facilities and determining personnel requirements.
n• Training staff for new processes and providing instructions and manuals.
n• Managing process documentation and preparing production reports.
n• Degree in industrial engineering or related field required
n• Relevant work experience
n• Advanced knowledge of production machinery, processes, and standards
n• Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
n• Strong communication and presentation skills
n• Troubleshooting skills and attention to detail
n• Documentation and organization skills
n• Proficiency in MS Office and AutoCA”

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