Maintenance Technician

Direct Hire

Starting Pay Rate: $27.58 – $34.00
Non-Union (FOIP) Field Operations Incentive Plant- Up to 3.5% Annual Merit Incentive.
Weekly pay cycle
Work Schedule: (Rotation) Monday through Friday and Saturday or Sunday

SHIFT: 2nd Shift: 1pm to 9:30pm
Work order procedures and concepts
Wiring diagrams- blue prints- schematics- and manuals
PLC ladder logic
RS-Logix software to troubleshoot an Allen Bradley SLC/PLC/Control Logix processing system(s)
Mig/Tig/Arc/Braze welding- and soldering

JOB DESCRIPTION: Maintenance Technician

Job Overview:

Responsible for implementing the Factory’s Preventative and Corrective Maintenance programs. Conducts troubleshooting- repair- and modifications to all of the factory production equipment and systems. Complies with scheduled maintenance activities on a priority basis to minimize equipment downtime and maximize efficiencies.

Maintenance/Preventive Maintenance

Attend job requests; executes assigned projects; and providing technical and problem solving assistance and recommendations to other factory departments.

Inspect and coordinate the job of contractors in the Maintenance Department for the execution of maintenance projects to assure that projects are completed on schedule.

Fix or repair the machinery as assigned according to demands from affected areas.

Make decisions independently when the maintenance project require investment not higher than $300.00

Work according to the Maintenance Manager instructions when the maintenance projects require an investment over $300.00

Inspect and repair to ensure that all systems operate at capacities required to meet production schedules.

Performs corrective and preventative maintenance programs to reduce equipment downtime- while working in cooperation with other departments.

Executes assigned purchase and keep inventories of Maintenance tools- parts- and supplies.

Work closely with the Production Department and factory Staff to ensure the safe and efficient operation of production equipment.

Provide technical and problem-solving assistance to other departments- including recommendations for equipment and process improvements to reduce operating costs and increase efficiencies.

Enforces and complies with company’s Health- Safety- and Environmental Programs.

Prepare and submit reports in a timely fashion to keep upper management informed regarding downtime- efficiencies- inventories- spending- and schedules.

Maintains daily records to support the Preventive Maintenance and Work Order systems.

Identifies parts- supplies- and services necessary to support assigned areas.

Attends departmental meetings to stay informed regarding departmental- factory- and company performance- issues- and information.


Ensures daily- weekly- and monthly records systems to support preventive maintenance and work orders systems are properly updated and maintained. Updates Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in support of Preventive & Corrective Maintenance.


Adheres to established safety guidelines- policies- and procedures while promoting a safe work environment

Control Costs

Recommends measures to improve routine maintenance- production efficiencies- operational effectiveness- equipment performance Completes work orders in a timely manner meeting or exceeding pre-established deadlines to reduce downtime and meet production goals Works with Production Dept. to determine optimal time for any needed repairs on equipment and follows

    Internal Customer Service

Establish positive relationships with all plant personnel Responds quickly to requests for assistance from production personnel Provides specific information regarding the nature and status of repairs and/or maintenance issues Provides timely follow up to production personnel regarding status or repairs and/or maintenance issues


Provide a bullet point list of the qualifications that are necessary for someone to fill this position.


Interprets and takes ownership of GMPs and food safety company standards. Must be able to provide recall information for raw material usage as well as disposals. Coordinate with Quality Assurance on any product placed or released from hold status- raw materials as well as finished product. Participate in the QRMP yearly audit and assist in the development of procedures and corrective actions. Accountable for the QRMP (Quality Risk Management Process) system and operational standards as outlined in the plant accountability list in order to achieve targeted RCR.

The Maintenance Technician B must possess knowledge of and understand the following:

Lay out- installation- and repair of complex electrical/electronic- mechanical- pneumatic- hydraulic- and gas fired production equipment and components
Rebuilding- repairing- and/or replacement of electrical equipment- parts- fuses- wiring- and machines including automatic and process controls- switch boards- HMI- control centers and panels- relays- circuit breakers electronic controls- printers- scales- and alarm systems
Process for conducting periodic preventative maintenance to include electrical and mechanical inspections- disassembly/reassembly of subsystems- proper lubrication- and testing
Work order procedures and concepts
Wiring diagrams- blue prints- schematics- and manuals
PLC ladder logic
RS-Logix software to troubleshoot an Allen Bradley SLC/PLC/Control Logix processing system(s)
Mig/Tig/Arc/Braze welding- and soldering
Manual vertical milling processes
Size and run electrical conduit
Parts and supplies to support assigned areas and shifts
Daily- weekly- and monthly records and work order systems
Policies and procedures for taking and logging parts from MRO
Policies and procedures for submitting and documenting parts requests
Policies and procedures for documenting equipment failure/repair analysis- work order information- and parts information on CMMS and appropriate forms
Policies and procedures for completing and updating the Weekend Activity List
Plant’s safety guidelines- policies- procedures- etc.
Environmental regulations- Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)- and Maintenance Food Safety Program
Continuous improvement processes
Basic coaching and one-on-one training processes

Equal Opportunity Employer–minorities/females/veterans/individuals with disabilities/sexual orientation/gender identity

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