Project Engineer PA

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Project Engineer

JOB TITLE    Project Engineer
REPORTS TO    Supervisor
JOB PURPOSE    Direct and manage project life cycle for assigned projects.  Ensure successful completion of engineering projects, meeting time and budget objectives.  Responsible for planning, scheduling, conducting and coordinating the technical and administrative deliverables of multiple complex projects, including development of preliminary design, project objectives, project scope, capital and operating cost estimates, project schedules, regular status reports and contract preparation and administration. Oversee outside contracted project management for required projects.
1.    Develop and manage project plans from conception to completion based on defined project objectives.  Work in concert with other departments and internal customers to define project scope and deliverables.  Ensure overall project scope, goals and deliverables support organizational strategic initiatives.
2.    Develop project plan – identify necessary resources to complete project, generate project plan and phases, obtain and review bids from contractors, determine and assign resources and participants needed to achieve project goal, map out timeline and budget.  Effectively communicate project expectations and project updates to affected internal customers and other stakeholders in a clear and timely manner.  Manage project resources, track project milestones and deliverables; ensure tasks are completed on time, within budget and with high level of quality.  Identify and resolve issues and conflicts within the project team, monitor project progress, resolve issues and update/modify project deliverables as necessary.
3.    Ensure work is conducted following all safety and quality policies and procedures.  Coach, mentor, and motivate project team members and contractors to ensure they are actively engaged in the project and maintaining accountability for their assigned work.  Develop, prepare and present project status reports and presentations. Propose actions based on data, assessment and input from team.  Complete project close-out deliverables, conduct project evaluation/assessment on completed projects to identify areas of success and areas that did not meet desired outcome.  Create a recommendations report to address outstanding issues
4.    Effectively transition projects to production.  Partner with maintenance to investigate issues as they arise and implement necessary solutions to maintain and improve operations.  Work with teams to address issues to improve overall functionality of a process, reduce waste, and drive process improvement.  Assist with development of best practices and tools for project execution and management.  Support other areas within scope of capability as assigned.
NOTE    The employer reserves the right to change or assign other duties to this position. 
Job qualifications are stated in the Essential Functions of the job description.  An employee must be able to accomplish the Essential Functions in order to be competent in the job.   Other special requirements are noted below.
Education    Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering – Chemical, Electrical, Industrial or Mechanical
Software Skills    Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Auto CAD
Work Conditions        Work in general office area and production.  Occasionally exposed to heat, cold, noise, dust.  Must be able to climb ladder, bend, stoop, occasional lifting
    Requires extended periods of standing, walking, climbing, sitting.  Occasional lifting of up to 50 pounds.  May require work on alternate shifts, evenings, weekends.  
Travel Demands    Requires minimal travel. (0 – 5%)
Job Experience    Eight years’ experience in manufacturing environment; food industry preferred.
Experience in:  Engineering design, Process engineering, Project management.  
Proficient in current computer software – Microsoft Office, auto CAD, MS projects.  Read and interpret engineering and architectural plans and schematics. 
     People Engagement – Level 3
•    Fosters teamwork 
•    Gives credit and acknowledges contributions and efforts of other team members.
•    Makes outstanding efforts to help other team members. 
•    Fosters team spirit.
•    Ensures that all group members have an opportunity to contribute to group discussions.
•    Helps build consensus among team members. 

Business & Industry Perspective- Level 2
•    Makes recommendations to improve business operations 
•    Offers concrete suggestions to reduce costs, improve quality or revenue for aspects of key products or services in own area.
•    Recognizes the value of all major business areas, avoiding a "single area" bias. 

Results Management – Level 2
•    Defines ambitious, but realistic, personal goals and standards. 
•    Evaluates personal progress and adjusts actions to meet and exceed expectations. 
•    Undertakes and meets significant challenges. 
•    Tries new ways to get things done, while taking steps to reduce the risks. 
•    Recommends clear and realistic project goals, activities, time lines, deliverables/products, and accountabilities.
•    Monitors progress, quality of work, and use of resources; provides status updates, and makes adjustments as needed. 
•    Takes calculated risks within the boundaries set by the organization to achieve goals.

Process Excellence – Level 2 
•    Actively seeks ways to reduce waste and inefficiencies, then makes recommendations for improvement.
•    Actively applies continuous improvement tools. 
•    Develops, with others, methods or ideas that identify and eliminate barriers to improvement
•    Looks beyond symptoms to uncover root causes of problems

Future Growth
•    Understands and processes complex information & exercises sound judgment, considering the situation, the issues, the key players, & levels of authority involved. Proposes course of action that further the objectives, priorities & vision of organization. 
•    Supporting, promoting and ensuring alignment with the organization's vision and values. Aligns team goals and actions 
•    – Ensures that team activities are aligned with the broader vision. 
– Helps team members understand the broader vision and how their work relates to it. 
– Eliminates or restructures activities that do not support the future success of the organization. 


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