CI Manager

Direct Hire

Develops a clear and compelling Continuous Improvement Strategy for their location in close cooperation with the Plant Director and the Sr. Director Continuous Improvement 

Introduces and executes CI tools in the plant

Secures support for this CI strategy at all necessary levels

Actively seeks and evaluates process improvements in the plant and translates them in CI projects helping to increase output and efficiency in the plant

Proposes and leads Continuous Improvement projects in the plant to achieve expected benefits and participates in and coordinates the development of CI project plans including assigning roles and responsibilities

Develops reports at plant level of all Continuous Improvement activities including accomplishments, participation, projected activities, and anticipated needs

Holds project meetings and ensures their follow-up by monitor the progress of planned improvements to assure their timely execution

Uses appropriate measurement, analysis and evaluation methods to accurately identify and document process improvements.

Trains and coaches plant personnel at hourly and salaried level on Continuous Improvement processes and methodology

Operates cross functionally to assure information flow and understanding of overall process improvement direction and expected results.

Implements best practices and new ideas driven by the Sr. Director of Continuous Improvement and other leaders in Operations

Helps define and maintain KPI structure at plant and regional level


Experience in Food/ Beverage Manufacturing preferred

Proficient in Excel, Word, SAP and Power Point

Strong team player who is able to work across multiple functions

Ability to analyze and solve problems, results oriented

Able to work under deadline pressures

Organized and detail oriented, adaptable to change

Excellent interpersonal, training and communication skills, verbal and written.


College degree in a related field.

5+ years+ relevant work experience in Continuous Improvement and/or manufacturing leadership.


Group Leadership: Directing and guiding a group of employees in the performance of their tasks; establishing and maintaining the team spirit and joint activities needed to achieve a set goal.

Coaching: Directing and guiding an employee in the performance of his/her job; adapting coaching style to employee and situation so that the employee can develop optimally.

Teamwork: Contributing actively to a joint result or solution to a problem, even when such teamwork concerns a matter which is not of immediate personal interest.

Entrepreneurial: Recognizing market opportunities for both current and new products/services and considering them in a business-like manner; taking risks to achieve a business advantage

Vision: Standing back from day-to-day activities; concentrating on major issues and long-term policy

Behavioral flexibility: Modifying one's behavior to reach a set goal when problems or opportunities arise

Performance Orientation: Setting high standards regarding one's own work and acting accordingly; showing dissatisfaction with merely average performance

Results orientation: Actively focused on achieving results and objectives; ready to take action in case of disappointing results


Physical-Continuously standing or walking. Regular requirements to lift/handle/carry material or equipment of moderate weight.

Visual/Sensory-This position requires regular need to give moderate attention with one or two senses at a time.

Work environment- Work and environment are very repetitive.

Mental Stress- There is pronounced pressure from deadlines, production quotas, accuracy or similar demands. 

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