Lead Sanitation Technician

Direct Hire

The Sanitation Lead coordinates and supervises activities of the Sanitation team engaged in cleaning, sanitizing and maintaining the Manufacturing plant. The lead will need to will work closely with the Sanitation Supervisor/Manager, Planning, Quality, Maintenance, and Production to ensure proper cleaning and sanitizing of the following: production areas, machines, and equipment in food processing facility, cleaning floors, rest rooms, and break rooms, washing walls, removing rubbish, and performing routine ground maintenance. The lead is required to work quickly and efficiently during relatively short time periods between the plant’s normal production shifts, and to be able to work with the sanitation team under stressful conditions and be flexible and willing to perform varying tasks per the supervisor’s instructions and in accordance with all safety and regulatory guidelines.

Lead Responsibilities:
•    Delegate work assignments as directed by Sanitation Supervisor or Manager, communicate with management on a daily basis.
•    Coordinate with Maintenance, Planning, Quality and Production on sanitation/plant task.
•    Preform Inspections-(ensure all food production equipment and areas are food safe).
•    Understands and can articulate the steps in the sanitation process.
•    Review, update and validate plant SSOP’s, and work instructions.
•    Provide training and orientation to new hires, provide ongoing guidance and coaching.
•    Ensure continuity between shifts by documenting cleaning actions and noting areas requiring additional care or monitoring.
•    Ensure documentation is completed for all activities, tasks and schedules, including the Master Sanitation Schedule tasks list and log books.
•    Reviews, develops and understands department JSAs.
•    Knows how to operate COP systems
•    Master Sanitation Schedule/eMaint:
o    Update daily.
o    Verify documentation/work orders are completed.
o    Review equipment cleaning frequency with Supervisor.
o    Schedule items to be done.
o    Ensure compliance to scheduling. 
•    Chemical Controls:
o    Work with contracted chemical supplier to ensure controls for sanitation chemicals.
o    Read chemical labels to ensure safe applications.
o    Train and orient new team members on chemical titration.
o    Inventory and maintain cleaning and sanitizing chemicals.
o    Ensure proper labeling and safety of chemicals.
o    Ensure compliant with Herbalife and regulatory requirements.
o    Execute chemical verification and validation protocols.
•    Daily pass down communication:
o    Update document and send out Electronic pass down to site
o    Update document and verbally pass down to next shift
•    Ensure food safety and sanitation functions are properly executed in a timely manner and in accordance with company policies, procedures, safety and regulatory guidelines.
•    Prepare for and participate in State and Federal inspections.
•    Ensure team is using employer-specified protective gear; gloves, face/eye shields, aprons, boots, etc. 
•    Monitor building cleanliness and safety by performing such tasks as placing caution signs as needed, checking that chemicals are properly stored, and that dispensing bottles are clearly mark. 
•    Perform Environmental and Drain swabbing
•    Scrub warehouse flooring with motorized scrubber and clean building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming.
•    Maintain sanitation areas in a clean, organized, and safe manner (5S)
•    Actively participates in CI activities to improve the process
•    Clean both inside and outside grounds of paper, trash, and debris, gather trash and empty receptacles   
•    Clean trash disposal, and card board areas. 
•    Clean break room equipment, such as coffee pots, glassware, sink and refrigerators, using solvents, brushes, rags.
•    Notify supervisor concerning the need for supplies and requisition supplies needed for cleaning duties.
•    Set up, arrange, and remove decorations, tables, chairs, to prepare facilities for events such as banquets and meetings.
•    Perform other related duties as assigned by Manager/Supervisor. 

Leads a team of 7-10 sanitation and plant services workers.

•    Strong leadership skills and the ability to coordinate people and daily work assignments
•    Demonstrates a proactive, hands-on approach, able to perform daily maintenance tasks 
•    Ability to use basic math skills to control inventory
•    PC experience/computer experience
•    Demonstrates problem solving, reasoning, and common sense skills
•    Ability to work in a fast paced environment
•    Effective communication skills- able to participate in meetings and present before small groups
•    Works well with others; ability to train and effectively transfer skills and knowledge
•    Ability to handle multiple tasks, troubleshoot and problem solve.
•    Understands the sanitation process and related equipment.
•    3 years previous experience in a cGMP food manufacturing environment.
•    Experience in cGMP documentation.

•    High school diploma or GED equivalent.

•    Leadership skills training
•    Sanitation experience
•    Prior general safety training

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