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Transport & Logistics

Senior Warehouse Implementation Manager



Current Need: We are currently seeking an experienced remote Senior Labor Management System (LMS) Implementation leader to join McKesson’s Medical-Surgical Team.

Your expertise will be essential for the Operations & LMS System, focusing on its ongoing development, implementation, and optimization. You will possess a deep understanding of the unique operations processes and procedures at each LMS DC within McKesson’s Medical-Surgical Network. Your collaboration will extend to all levels of DC Operations, IT, PMO, Distribution Center Solutions, and Senior Leadership. Together, you will identify and tackle challenges related to the implementation and advancement of the LMS across all sites within McKesson Medical-Surgical.

As you travel to different locations regionally, your leadership will be crucial in coordinating the team’s efforts to ensure the successful completion of tasks involved in implementing, advancing, and improving the LMS program. You will work diligently to meet deadlines and achieve key metrics. In addition to these responsibilities, you will also be involved in various other duties, including but not limited to new build design, development and configuration of Direct & Indirect Engineered Standards, providing assistance to LMS Regional Partners, conducting DC LMS revisits, facilitating training sessions, conducting time studies, performing warehouse mapping, configuring software, and conducting Engineered Standards audits.

Travel: 70% Paid Travel

  • Typically traveling out on Mondays. Returning Thursdays
  • Occasional need to return Friday
  • Some weekends may be needed, but are very uncommon

Key Responsibilities

  • 30% – Partners with LMS Team members and cross-functional partners in a matrix environment. Provides guidance from a configuration and development perspective to stakeholders and project members to advance the LMS program for new builds, program compliance, and optimization to improve LMS ROI in a lean/least waste operation. Works with the project team to resolve issues and improve program adoption.
  • 25% – Responsible for identifying and closing any GAPS in processes, identifying departures from the SOP, or potential process improvement needs. As the system and SOP expert, this individual will lead on development and ideas to move unmeasured work to a measured category, indirect work to direct, and continually improve processes & standards relative to our Operations.
  • 25% – Serves as Operations & LMS SME in terms of standards design, implementation, adoption, future development, and execution at each site. Develop & write process documents, and flowcharts & review all standards to ensure SOPs and standards accurately reflect the unique operations at a given site.
  • 10% – Takes the lead role in coordinating operations activities within the project to help deliver LMS project on time and on budget.
  • 10% – May prepare and present presentations and lead conference calls to share information and coordinate project activities.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 7+ years of relevant experience

Working Conditions:

  • Traditional warehouse & office environment.
  • Up to 70% travel required
  • Large percent of time performing computer-based work
  • Time is split equally between overseeing the DC tasks, interacting with the DC team members, and general office requirements.
  • Lifting between 1 and 30 pounds regularly and up to 50lbs occasionally